Help Your Local Business | Interviewing Local Business Owners

 I am a firm believer in what you put out into the universe is what you are going to get back. We are living in dark times, both spiritually and financially. The pandemic of COVID-19 and the increasing divide between people has brought us to the verge of collapse both as a society and as individuals. The age of information and technology that we live in, not a second goes by in which we are not reminded of all the horrors and injustice surrounding us. With this new chapter in our company, I want to change that. Instead of tears, I want to promote smiles. Instead of sorrow, I want to spread happiness. And instead of despair, I want to give hope. This is my attempt to give back to my wonderful community. This is my effort to change what we put out in the universe and hopefully transform what we get back. 

 I own a printing and embroidery company, along with my wife. We started it almost five and a half years ago from a small space, which was even smaller than an average car garage. Today we are operating out of a 2000 square foot space and have six employees. The point of telling you this is not to brag or say, look at us now. It is not even to say that if we can do it, then so can you because that would trivialize your life struggle. The point of telling you this is to promote hope. We need hope more than anything in these troubling times. Sometimes all we need to hear is that everything is going to be okay, don’t you worry, and that is what my humble effort is aimed at trying to accomplish. 

 I want to create a movement of hope to counter the current situation that we are in and hopefully help people, my community preserver in these troubling times. If you are a local entrepreneur, I want you to come and help me by sharing your story of success with everyone. I am doing a series of videos to help support and promote local businesses, and I am not charging anything for my time, platform, or services. All I want is for all of us to band together in these difficult circumstances and collectively share a message of hope. 

 I am an entrepreneur myself, and this is the only way I know how to help my community. If you can relate to my message and think that you can help with this cause, please come, and join me! Let’s stand together in the face of adversity and answer despair with hope. 

First video 

A local restaurant shares their story of success and struggles with me. It was an inspiring and uplifting experience hearing from the owners on how they started their business and how it has grown over the years. It is one of the best restaurants in Miami, with a rating of 4.9 on TripAdvisor. Fun fact: Former President Barrack Obama has also visited this restaurant. This is a story of struggle and perseverance that gives a strong message of hope. It is precisely what we need right now. 

Second video 

Diced Food in Miami shares its origin story with me. It was a pleasure talking to one of the founders of this restaurant as he shared his motivation behind starting his own business with me. He talks about how the idea came about and the struggles he had to face to bring Diced Food to where it is today. His personal idea of positive thinking and dedication is inspirational. His message is one of hope and prosperity. Hopefully, it inspires you guys, and you can take away something positive from the story of Diced Food. 

Third video 

In this video, I bring to you the story of Another Level Fit and how it has become an iconic gym during this distressing pandemic. The owner of Another Level Fit, Ralph Pino, tells the story in his words. There is a lot to learn and take home from his story. He talks about the inspiration behind his decision to start Another Level Fit and talks about his business idea. He shares his story of how a life-changing experience caused him to focus on fitness and how his love of fitness developed into his business. His life is a great story of fighting adversity and the will to keep on going no matter what. His perseverance and determination seamlessly project the message of hope. There is a lot that we can learn from his story during these dark times. 


Fourth video 

Synergy is one of the biggest manufacturers of acrylic in the US. They are putting in significant resources to help out the community fight this pandemic by helping local businesses. They are providing schools, banks, and people with protection by providing them with shield protection. Louis and Peter, the owners of Synergy, are a great example of success. The story of their business and how they came about the idea for it is an inspirational one indeed. What they are doing right now to help the community is something that we can all bring into our daily lives. The innovation and creativity that they are bringing to our fight against this pandemic are mind-blowing. It was a pleasure getting to know these guys and seeing the work that they are doing. Their involvement revitalizes the notion of hope in us. 

No matter what is going on in the world around us, individuals everywhere are stepping up to meet the challenges head-on. It is what makes us strong as a nation and as a community.  

 If you are a local entrepreneur or business and have a story to tell and think it will inspire hope in people, please join us as we help you broadcast your story to the entire world. It is a crucial time for people to hear these things. So, give back to the community and provide them with hope! 

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