Next Level Apparel: Reviewing the Next Level 3600

Next Level apparel

Next level apparel t-shirt review talks about the t-shirt. The Next Level 3600 is our best-selling ring-spun tee. It is a unisex crewneck fashion forward form fitting t-shirt. It is the perfect printing staple. The fabric is comfortable and lightweight, only weighing 145 grams/4.3 ounces. This is a great fabric for screen printing. It is made up of 100% combed ring-spun cotton except for the color Heather Gray which is made up of 90/10 cotton/polyester. The style is available in 32 colors and sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. It has a tear away label which makes it a great product for brands that would like to print their own inner label. It contains seams on the sides and has a set-in collar 1×1 baby rib.



  • Fabric: Fine Jersey
  • 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and 90/10 Cotton/Polyester in color Heather Gray / 32 singles. 145 grams/4.3oz.
  • Neck: CREW NECK
  • Binding: Set-in Collar 1×1 Baby Rib. Side seamed
  • Label: Tear Away

Model wearing size XS(female) and M(male)



Who is this shirt good for?

This shirt is great for both men and women. For those with an athletic build who would like to show off their arms, this is a great shirt to put your muscles in display as the sleeves will hug your biceps.

This is great tee to wear at the gym.

Even though it is a cotton shirt, it dries well.

It does pretty well in maintaining its size even after being put in the dryer.

It is a nice shirt to wear out with your custom graphic design printed.

Good for everyday use; whether you’re lounging around, doing chores, or grabbing a bite to eat, it can be worn in all occasions.

It is fashionable, fits well, prints well, and doesn’t really shrink.

Design Now…

Custom T-Shirt Printing

This shirt is great for custom t-shirt printing. Since the t-shirt is made with 100% cotton. When printing on cotton t-shirts. The print translates well on the next level 3600. There are other cotton t-shirts that let out a lot of lint, which in turn the lint starts to mix with the ink. This is why you should really consider buying this t-shirt.

Using the inner label

Creating a strong, differentiated brand image is a key to turning visitors into loyal customers. But if you want to start a brand, you should start with the basics – making your apparel stand out. That’s where inside labels come into the picture.

What is an inner label? Inner labels are the shirt manufacturer’s tags that are attached at the back of the collar, showing the info the apparel is bound by law to have – country of origin, size, fabric, and care instructions.

Inner labels are the shirt manufacturer’s tags that are attached at the back of the collar, showing the info the apparel is bound by law to have – country of origin, size, fabric, and care instructions.

What can you use the inner label for? That extra little touch could be anything – a (very) short joke, an important date… but in most cases it’s probably going to be your brand logo, so that’s what we’re going to talk about.

A tear-away inner label is great for companies that are wanting to start a clothing brand. The Next Level 3600 has a tear-away inner label and it is used by many companies that are opening a new clothing brand. Using this Real Estate is a great eye catching way to promote your clothing brand on the inside of the t-shirt. What can we print on the inside of the t-shirt? You can add your brand logo on the inside of the t-shirt. Adding the size of the t-shirt.

Inner Label Rule (Care Label)

This is a little helpful information about the inner label (care Label) If you’re covered by the Care Labeling Rule, you need to inform consumers of certain instructions and warnings. For example, a care label is required to prevent a consumer from wrongfully assuming that your product can be washed in a washing machine when it needs to be dry cleaned.

Will the material bleed if handled in a certain way? What dryer setting is best to prevent the garment from shrinking? You must provide the answers and information needed for consumers to avoid unnecessary damage to your products through normal use. 

Advantages of printing on the inner label

It makes your brand more professional.

It helps your brand stand out.

It’s a constant reminder of your brand. 

It’s yet another way to be creative.