Month: March 2020

WAYS YOU CAN HELP Help support small businesses in your community. During these hard times, we have come up with a way we can all come together and help the small businesses in our community. Before you go on Amazon to buy a t-shirt, think twice. At this time of need, we need to stay […]

Bucket Fishing Hat: DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! Ever wonder what makes one hat better than the other. Well you came to the right place. Here we explain what separates one is good and which one is better and what price plays a part in make the decision to purchase. Certain hats are more or […]

LET’S COMPARE THE NEXT LEVEL 3600 TO THE NEXT LEVEL 3602. SIMILARITIES I have added each of their product descriptions below for your review. I believe I have a good idea of the way both t-shirts fit because I have worn them on a regular basis. The 3600 is made up of 100% cotton. Similarly, […]

Two Rain Jackets Compared Side by Side Two Rain Jackets Compared Side by Side. I have purchased two rain jackets and I have worn them in different occasions this past year. This has given me a good idea how good these rain jackets can be and for what climate they work for best. J304 Port Authority® […]

 Printing Full Color Design Step by Step Process on a t-shirt. Things you will need to start using this type of process. List: computer silhouette cutter heat press What is your design The first thing you want to do is open up the design. The design I choose was a circular design which my […]

Let’s Review Some Hats: CUSTOM EMBROIDERY AVAILABLE • STARES GROUP. Let’s review some hats. I want to talk about some flat bill hats, that I enjoy wearing. There are  many options out in the market to choose from and that is why I want to give you an idea of what I see out in the […]