This Affordable Long Sleeve T-Shirt is Perfect for Roofers and Landscapers

If you’re in the business of roofing or landscaping, you know the importance of having the right gear and clothing for the job. When you’re working outside in the sun, or up on a rooftop, you need clothing that is both comfortable and protective. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the G540 Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. Made with 100% USA cotton, this shirt is perfect for those who need a durable and reliable long sleeve for their work. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this shirt and why it’s a great choice for roofers and landscapers alike.

Durable Material:
This long sleeve shirt is made with 5.3 oz., 100% USA cotton, making it both durable and comfortable to wear. The material is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about feeling stuffy or overheated while working outside. Additionally, the Ash Grey option is made with 99% cotton and 1% polyester, while the Sport Grey is made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester. For added durability, the shirt features double-needle bottom hems and ribbed cuffs, ensuring that it can withstand the wear and tear of your job.

Sustainable and Ethical:
Not only is this long sleeve comfortable and durable, but it’s also sustainably and fairly grown. Gildan’s manufacturing process utilizes 45% renewable energy, and all of their cotton is sustainably and ethically grown in the USA. They also have a Community Investment Program that supports education, the environment, humanitarian aid and active living in the communities they do business in. So not only can you feel good about wearing this shirt, but you can feel good about where it came from.

Functional Design:
When you’re working on a roof or in a yard, you need clothing that won’t get in the way. The G540 Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is designed with this in mind. It features a non-topstitched, classic width, rib collar and a taped neck and shoulders for added comfort. The tear away label is also a nice touch, as it gets rid of any irritating tags that may rub against your skin. All of these features combine to create a shirt that is both functional and comfortable.

Color Options:
While the G540 Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is a great option for those in the roofing and landscaping business, it’s also a versatile shirt that can be worn in many different contexts. And luckily, it comes in a variety of colors to suit any style. You can choose from Ash Grey, Sport Grey, S. Orange, Safety Green, Graphite Heather, and more. So whether you’re wearing this shirt for work or on the weekend, you can find a color that suits you.

Deco Eligible:
Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the G540 Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is Deco Eligible. This means that it’s ready for decoration if you want to add your company logo or other custom design to it. So not only is it a great shirt for your own personal use, but it’s also a great option for outfitting your crew with branded workwear.

All in all, the G540 Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is a great option for anyone in the roofing or landscaping business. Made with durable and sustainable materials, it’s a shirt that you can feel good about wearing. Plus, it’s designed with functionality and comfort in mind, making it an ideal choice for those who need protection while working outside. And with a range of color options and Deco Eligibility, it’s a versatile shirt that can be used for personal or professional use. So if you’re in the market for a new long sleeve, be sure to check out the G540 Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt.

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